About DGT

DGT Research Limited was founded by Bill Davison and Hao Zhang in Lancaster in 1997. It undertakes development work and manufactures and assembles DGT passive samplers in a purpose made, dedicated, high-grade clean room suite in Nanjing, using staff who previously worked in the Lancaster laboratory. The facilities and expertise ensure the essential cleanliness and quality control.

By supplying basic DGT equipment at low cost, DGT Research enabled other laboratories to undertake their own research with DGT passive samplers. This has allowed the rapid growth and testing of DGT: it has been supplied to numerous laboratories throughout the world, leading to DGT passive samplers being deployed in all continents (includes at the North and South Pole). Examples uses include monitoring by industry, regulatory agencies and consultants of soils and water quality, and execution of contracts for government-funded monitoring programmes. The high resolution 2D images of solutes in sediments and soils made possible using DGT has transformed our biogeochemical understanding.

DGT or DET probes partly inserted in sediment
Titanium oxide gel disc
DGT passive sampler for water