Recommended Reading

Diffusive Gradients in Thin-Films for Environmental Measurements, Ed. W. Davison, Cambridge University Press, 2016, Cambridge.

The book includes explanations of the fundamental principles of DGT, accessible to readers with a modest background in chemistry, as well as more advanced chapters that provide a thorough treatment of the physical and chemical dynamics of this technique and evaluate how well it mimics the biological uptake process. Chapters on natural waters, soils and sediments illustrate the applications of DGT, and detailed instructions are included on how to use DGT in practice.

Combining the fundamentals of DGT with more advanced principles, this is an indispensable text for students, researchers and professional scientists considering using DGT to further their interest in the chemistry of natural waters, soils and sediments.


  1. Introduction to DGT
    William Davison and Hao Zhang
  2. Principles of measurements in simple solutions
    William Davison and Hao Zhang
  3. Diffusion layer properties
    Hao Zhang and William Davison
  4. Binding layer properties
    William W. Bennett, Maja Arsic, Jared G. Panther, David T. Welsh, and Peter R. Teasdale
  5. Interpreting the DGT measurement: speciation and dynamics
    Jaume Puy, Josep Galceran and Carlos Rey-Castro
  6. Applications in natural waters
    Heléne Osterlund, Anders Widerlund and Johan Ingri
  7. Principles and application in soils and sediments
    Niklas J. Lehto
  8. Measurement at high spatial resolution
    Jakob Santner and Paul N. Williams
  9. DGT and bioavailability
    Fien Degryse and Erik Smolders
  10. Practicalities of working with DGT
    Dianne F. Jolley, Sean Mason, Yue Gao and Hao Zhang

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First DET paper

W. Davison, G. W. Grime, J. A. W. Morgan and K. Clarke, Distribution of dissolved iron in sediment pore waters at submillimeter resolution, Nature 352: (1991), 352, 323-325.

First DGT paper

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